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Do you enter the Netherlands by plane? On the page "From the Airport" we have compiled a list of public transport possiblities from all Dutch Airports.

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One of the most popular tourist attractions in the Netherlands is the Keukenhof. Keukenhof is a flower park of 32 hectares, located in Lisse, in South Holland. It opens only during the two months that the flower bulbs are in bloom: from 21 March 2019 to 19 May 2019. Prepare yourself to be amazed at the sight of all these amazing flowers!

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The Rijksmuseum is the iconic museum of the Netherlands. After ten years of rebuilding, refurbishing and renovating, the Rijksmuseum once again opened its doors to the public in full splendour on 13 April 2013. Both the building and the presentation of the collection underwent a total transformation. This revamping resulted in surprising furnishings, beautiful exhibitions, dazzling events and numerous facilities for young and old.

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Alkmaar - Cheese market

On average the Dutch eat 14,3 kilos of cheese per person per year. No wonder Holland has a worldwide reputation for being a cheese country. See how sellers and wholesalers do business as they have for 600 years at a cheese market in the cheese capital Alkmaar. You can also go to one of the numerous cheese shops in Holland and enjoy and compare the different flavors of cheese.

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Delta park Neeltje Jans

Visit the world’s biggest storm surge barrier in Zeeland: the Delta Works. This unique structure was built to prevent floods like the 1953 North Sea Flood, which the Dutch call the Watersnoodramp. With its 3 kilometers, the Oosterscheldekering is the longest component. Nearby you will find Deltapark Neeltje Jans and the Oosterschelde nature reserve, where you can learn more about nature on and beneath the water.

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How to pay for your journey by public transport


An OV-chipcard is the cheapest method for travellling with Public Transport. You can buy and load credit onto the card at various pick-up and/or loading devices. Just make sure you always remember to check in and out. 

Holland Travel ticket

Are you coming to Holland and would you like to explore multiple destinations? The Holland Travel Ticket comes highly recommended. It grants unlimited access to all public transport, including train, tram, bus and metro, in Holland for an entire day. Discover the best of the Netherlands in a day with the Holland Travel Ticket. Simply choose between peak and off-peak travel, and the only other decision you have to make is your destination.


When you are a frequent traveller, a subscription might be cheaper. Use our online-tool to calculate the best subscribtion for you (OV Prijswijzer in Dutch). You can find this tool at the bottom of your journey/travel advice.